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What will TorchesOn add up?

  • A Control Panel with a set of convenient search tools and related resources for the various types and types of information related to the performed search text on the internet.

  • A new view of information, based on standards and trusted resources.

  • Torches-Panel contains a panel that provides sets of Platforms, Search Tools, resources, and services that are suitable for each content Item.

  • Supported with comments panel to enhance the validation of each type of item.

The Idea

The idea was launched with an attempt to optimize the structure of information and data on the Internet and to document the elements of answers and solutions according to their characteristics and scope, and with additional distinction through the tags and classifications of the Articles Items Types.

To allow better organization of information according to its nature and specialties, with a variety of structures and classifications.

The content includes groups and series that include abstract intellectual topics, human and scientific topics, topics on nature, earth, and living creatures, as well as various topics about life.

The site is divided into five spaces which are divided into groups that contain a series of Topics, which in turn cover an address belonging to this space.

The idea of classifying questions and finding answers to them was developed to classify information on the basis of its type, such as an article, video, image, application, etc.

, and supported by a panel that provides groups of platforms and search tools appropriate for each element of the content, In addition to a space for comments, through which the opinions of others are addressed.

With a general search tool to search for any word within the site or within the Internet and is equipped with a set of convenient search tools and related resources for the ten types of text search conducted.

You can walk around the site in several ways


By clicking on the site icon and reviewing all the Topics that represent the various spaces in the main menu (Creativity - Science - Nature - Humanities).


Or by clicking on one of the spaces from the main menu and reviewing the Topics that belong to this space.

It is also possible to move around the hierarchy of the portal itself by choosing one of the four categories and reviewing the items to which it belongs.