You can walk around the site in several ways.


By clicking on the site icon and reviewing all
the questions that represent the various spaces in
the main menu (Subject - Miscellaneous - Science
- Nature - Humanities).


Or by clicking on one of the spaces from the main
menu and reviewing the questions that belong to
this space.

It is also possible to move around the hierarchy
of the portal itself by choosing one of the four
categories and reviewing the items to which it


For example, selecting the groups box displays
all the chains that belong to this group.

Choosing the series field will display all the
questions that belong to this series.

Choosing the hashtag field, displays all the
items to which a hashtag has been assigned.

Choosing the question box displays all the
questions, which also appear by default when you
click on the portal item.


For how to participate in the answer, you can add
and edit the answer by placing the comment in the
comments section at the bottom of the question

Or you can email us if you wish to join as a
participant by putting questions or answers or
both together.


Other posts related to the site You can contact
us by sending an email to inform us of any
suggestion or opinion regarding the development of
website content, topics and questions Or the
content of a specific topic or question.

Thank you for your desire to develop and activate
the structuring of Internet content.

Eng. Eiad Ghaith

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